Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sweet sixteen

Sweet sixteen by Kate Brian.

Tegan is used to getting her own way, and with her sweet 16 approaching she is expecting to host the party of the year. What begins as a typical story with spoilt teenagers, has a surprise twist when Tegan wrecks her own party and ends up unconscious and unlikely to be found. While unconscious Tegan is confronted by a ghost and taken on a journey to her past and present. The ghost is more honest with Tegan than anyone has been in her life, and forces her to realise that she needs to change her attitude before she ends up old and alone. Making the change is easier than Tegan thought, maybe losing everything she's ever worked for isn't that bad after all...

I liked how the author created a variation of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" and it was easy and relaxing to read. I couldn't really relate to Tegan to begin with, but as you journeyed with her and the ghost, it became clear why she had become who she was. I would recommend it to any teenage girls and definitely to Kate Brian fans in particular, because it is very different to what she usually writes.



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