Monday, 19 December 2011

Reckoning: Everything will change...

Dru Anderson has faced down suckers, zombies and wulfen without flinching.
And now she’s bloomed…she doesn’t need a gun.
Things are about to get ugly.
It all come down to this.
ONE battle. ONE choice. ONE final sacrifice.
This is it!!!

Dru Anderson was never meant to live this long. Having battled suckers, zombies and wulfen Dru has finally bloomed into a fully fledged, toxic to any sucker svetocha. Now the race is on. Sergej wants her dead, Christophe wants her safe, the council want her alive and Dru doesn’t know what she wants. Now there is no more running Dru is about to face her worst nightmare, endure the ultimate betrayal and be left fighting for everything she loves. Survival will come at a cost but is Dru willingly to pay the price?

What can I say I loved this series from the very beginning it always felt refreshing, original and down right exhilarating. Reckoning the final book in this enthralling series is no different. It jumps from the get go throwing the reader into a plot of adventure, suspense and action. The final showdown between Dru and Sergej is both thrilling and heart pounding. Over the whole series St crow has done a brilliant job of connecting reader to Dru that one cannot help but become entangled and involved with this story and the characters. I do have to say (wish I didn’t) that the ending was a bit disappointing, I felt St Crow left too many plotlines unresolved but perhaps that is her decision to allow the reader to make up their own mind about what comes next for Dru ( or perhaps another series exists somewhere in the future). Whatever the answer it cannot be disputed that the Strange Angels series is one of the best vampire novels to be released this decade. A captivating and un-missable series for any paranormal reader. Be sure to put this one on your reading list.

Courtney :)


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