Thursday, 8 December 2011

Learn Manga - virtually

Its summer and the Amazing Read - the Summer Reading Club is bringing some interesting new stuff to light.

Over the next few weeks, they are video blogging a five part series on How to Draw Manga. You can watch the video or follow the blogged instructions below the original post, to start on the process of creating your own characters.

Coming out of the State Library of Queensland, there will be more fun stuff on the way too, including:

  • What happens next - Sally Rippin has created the first half of the exciting story One moonless night and you are invited to continue the story.
  • Choose your own adventure - Decide how the story unfolds in this adventure by Deb Abela.
So if you're at a loose end over the holidays, or even if you're not, tune in to the Secondary area of The Amazing Read, for more Manga videos and more yet to be announced fun stuff.



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