Wednesday, 28 December 2011

House of Night

The House of Night series is a mother-daughter collaboration from Kristin Cast and P.C. Cast. The first book is titled “Marked” and the latest book is “Destined”. The series follows the story of 16 year old Zoey, who gets ‘marked’ while at high school which triggers her ‘change’ into a vampyre. Zoey has to leave her sunny Tulsa life to start her education at The House of Night- a boarding school for new vampyres, ‘Fledglings’.

I loved the first few books, which are set in the House of Night boarding school where the focus is on Zoey discovering her new abilities and juggling the interest of serveral boys. Zoey’s story is full of the usual teenage themes- friends, boys and gossip. As the series progresses the themes darkenen and Zoey and her friends have to deal with issues regarding good v evil and light v darkness.

Thumbs up for… the fact that most of the characters in the series make mistakes and tell lies, and then learn from their mistakes, and that in the later books the story is told from different character’s perspecitves, you get a great insight into the minds of the evil characters.
Thumbs down for… the number of times the reader is changed in the audio book versions. Some consistancy would be nice!

There is also a great series website- if you are already a fan, you must check it out, don’t miss the fan made movie cast lists.

Overall, a great series to get in to if you like supernatural fiction.