Friday, 2 December 2011

Hades: Can an Angel survive in Hell?

In Halo Bethany and Xavier fell in love
They banished a demon back to hell
And now life is perfect.
But when a Halloween prank goes wrong
Bethany will find herself in the burning fires of HELL!!!
Heaven help her….

Sequel to Halo (read review here)

Bethany and Xavier are back in the compelling follow up to the very successful Halo novel. This time around Beth and Xavier are contended and happy in their little bubble of love…that is until a séance on Halloween night releases Jake from the fiery pit of Hell. Fear not he is soon back there…with Bethany in tow. Trapped in Hell, Bethany will face evil she could never have imagined and learn a few things about life and death. And what of Xavier and her family back on earth…will she ever see them again? How long can an Angel survive in hell? Will Jake win this time around?

Hades, like Halo, is a love story told with the backdrop of angels and demons. This time around Adornetto takes the reader and Bethany on a journey of discovering the dark side. While Hades is really just a love story what I love about this is it is a teen writing for teens (Adornetto is still only 19) and this is perhaps what makes this novel so appealing, who better to know what teens like to read than a teen herself. Adornetto has a descriptive and easy to read style of writing that makes it effortless to breeze through the 400 page novel that is Hades. With an intriguing mix of supernatural, magic, teen angst and a lot of romance it’s easy to see why this novel and this writer are so popular. To be honest to see Adornetto’s writing now only makes me have high expectations of her for the future once she’s gained some life experience. Hades mingles action, adventure and romance into a very addictive and enticing read, one title to have on your reading list.

Courtney :)


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