Tuesday, 13 December 2011


‘How about we toss a coin?
Heads, it’s west and a lift.
Tails, it’s still west, but no lift.’

A toss of a coin and lives change.
James has always done what is expected of him. Always listened to his parents. Always behaved. Now on his first teacher-training round to the country he meets a girl wanting a ride. 

Sophie is wild and daring, and understands James too well.  James decides to take a chance, and the unlikely couple travel to Sophie’s home town. Where she is to face her past and confront a secret that she has kept to herself for too long.

‘Let’s make a deal, James. Until you drop me off, we’ll both speak only the truth. An experiment, right here in your car.’

Herrick’s verse novels such as The Simple Gift and The Lonesome Howl carry an authentic voice and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them over the years. I was curious to see how he handled a novel. And it is with the same poetic voice and strong characters.  Thoroughly enjoyed this book too.

Vicki @ Pak. 


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