Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Silvermay is the first in James Moloney's exciting new fantasy series and has just won the Gold Inky award for 2011 see http://www.insideadog.com.au/blog/inky-awards-2011-winners-announced.

Silvermay is a 16 year old girl from a rural village. The story begins when Tamlyn and Neigold come to her village seeking refuge. They have a new baby, Lucien, and Nerigold is sick from his birth. While Silvermay's mother nurses Nerigold, Silvermay is often left to mind Lucien. Not only does Silvermay become attached to the child, but she starts developing feelings for the good looking Tamlyn. Silvermay is confused when Tamlyn appears to return her feelings, despite being bonded with Nerigold. When dark forces start to close-in on Tamlyn and Nerigold, they take to the road, with Silvermay accompanying them. An interesting element of the story are the Wyrdborn, a breed of wizards who are extremely powerful, corrupt, ambitious and temperamental. The Wyrdborn are often solitary as they are intensely distrustful of others Wyrdborn, they are often manipulated by lords or kings to do their bidding. Unfortunately for Silvermay, some Wyrdborn are after Tmalyn, Nerigold and the baby Lucien.

This story is a fantasy novel about prophesy, free will and fate. Silvermay is a strong character who offers a candid narrative voice. She is a likable character who always tries to do the right thing, despite sometimes struggling with her conscience. I recommend this book to lovers of supernatural or fantasy fiction.

As soon as I finished Silvermay, I rushed to James Maloney's website to discover the second book in the series, Tamlyn, will be released in June, 2012 and the third book, Lucien, the year after. I can't wait. Jess @ Endeavour Hills and Doveton Libraries


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