Monday, 28 November 2011

Marrying Ameera

A moving and emotional story of a young Pakistani girl raised in Australia that brings to light the issue of forced marriages and the bonds between family and cultural traditions.

Marrying Ameera follows the story of 17 year-old Ameera Hassan who's just finished high school and finds herself struggling with the rules her father imposes on her, especially when she finds herself attracted to Tariq, a Christian Pakistani.
But Ameera's father quickly discovers her secret crush and his solution is to send Ameera to Pakistan. Ameera believes she's going to see her cousin's wedding but soon discovers the daunting truth - it is her own wedding!

The story thickens with suspense as Ameera, alone in a country she no longer calls home, has to deal with many obstacles and make a scary decision: be the dutiful daughter her father wants her to be or fight for her freedom?

Warning note: please be aware that this book contains adult themes

Happy reading!


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