Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fateful: a doomed voyage, a love written in the stars.

Tess Davies: a servant with big plans for her future
Alec Munrow: Rich kid…turned werewolf with dangerous enemies
It’s 1912 and the Titanic is about to set sail for its maiden voyage.
Tess and Alec think they know their future…
But fate has other plans for them!!!

Tess Davies has been in servitude since she was 13 years of age and she’s had enough of the spiteful family she serves. Her plans have been set and a trip on the maiden voyage of the Titanic will see Tess begin a new life…one she has planned for herself. But fate has other plans for Tess and its not long before the handsome first class passenger Alec crosses her path and Tess’ plans for a brighter future get turned upside down. Alec has a secret…a secret that could lead to disastrous consequences for Tess.

What can I say Claudia Gray is back…better than ever. After the massive success of her first series Evernight (read if you haven’t already do so) Gray this time is tackling werewolves and historical fiction. Normally I’m not one to read historically fiction, I find it difficult to relate to the characters, but Gray’s talented writing and passion (saw her speak in Melbourne last year) convinced me to give this book a go…and am I glad I did. Gray is fast becoming one of my favorite authors her stories are captivating, her characters engaging and her settings so vivid. While many may shy away from another werewolf novel and think the premise is a bit odd (I certainly did) Fateful is one book not to be missed. It’s more than just another werewolf story, Gray uses werewolves as a crutch to tell the real story of a boy and a girl both trying to find their identity in a world tha dictates who and what they are. There is a bit of romance, some adventure and suspense and the themes are beautifully intermingled. While one may think you know the story of Titanic and werewolves Gray will still have you on the edge of your seats frantically page turning till the very end.
An unmissable new novel from the genius that is Claudia Gray…do read J

Courtney :)


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