Wednesday, 19 October 2011


'Tamar' is one of the best war time novels I have read.

Tamar is a fifteen year old modern day English teenager. She inherits a box that originally belonged to her grandfather and is filled with messages and clues. The box takes her back to a chilling and nightmarish past. A past where her grandparents were resistance fighters in the Netherlands in World War 2. A past where Tamar was not only the name of an English river, but also the code name of a resistance fighter.

We go back in time to 1944. The English are hitting the Nazis with all the aircraft warfare they have. Although an Allied victory appears within its grasp, the concern of the occupied countries is whether Germany will leave the cities and countryside intact, or burn everything in sight as they retreat.

In the dead of night, Tamar and Dart are parachuted into occupied Netherlands. They are part of a team of people who are living as spies. They set about their respective jobs - 'Dart' is a wireless operator and 'Tamar' is to consolidate the Dutch resistance movement. Their chances of survival are not high.

Then, if their lives weren't dangerous and complicated enough, they both fall in love with Marijke, a farm worker where Tamar and Dart live undercover.

This book is an enthralling page turner, with a twist that will send you reeling.



Mike said...

This is a cracker of a novel, exciting, dangerous, intense.

Mike said...

One of the best war novels around - exciting, dangerous, intense. And very, very believable.

Casey Cardinia Library Corporation said...

Thanks for commenting Mike. Nice to see you at the Unconference today! Cen

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