Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Iron Witch

Freak, that’s what they call Donna Underwood.

Marked by magic

Imprisoned by her heritage
Donna is about to break free and find out who she really is.

Donna Underwood lives the life she was born into, grieving for the father who died for her and the mother who lives in body but not in spirit. Donna is the daughter of the alchemists scarred by her past, she lives with iron tattoo’s on her arms as a constant reminder of just how different she is. They call her a freak and she feels like one, trapped in a life she doesn’t want. Her only salvation is her best friend Navin, but even he doesn’t know the truth about her…yet! One party and a chance meeting with the mysterious Xan is about to change Donnas’ life. Her carefully crafted wall between who she is and who she wants to be is about to crumble and change everything Donna ever thought she knew. Can she save her best friend at the cost of her heritage? And just what is the secret the mysterious Xan holds?

Mahoney presents a beautifully crafted debut novel that blends together the worlds of faerie, alchemy and the real world all into one. The novel starts out slow but Mahoney is just getting the reader familiar with the world of alchemy and faerie and once past the ‘fill in’ portion the novel picks up pace to be both thrilling and enthralling. What I loved most about this novel were the characters, Donna unlike most female protagonists is not sullen or miserable despite her circumstances, Navin is more than just the two dimensional loyal best friend and Xan while mysterious is open and defiantly not brooding. Iron witch reads like a magical fairy tale meets an action adventure story. The first of a series Iron witch is worth the read. [sorry no book trailer for this one :( ]

Courtney :)


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