Friday, 14 October 2011

Goodbye Harry Potter

Harry Potter:
The story has been told,
The adventure has ended
It’s time to say goodbye
We’re all just Muggles again.

In 1997 I was 11 years old and I picked up a book called Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. Six more books would follow over a ten year time span as well as eight movies bringing the much loved story of Harry, Hermione and Ron to the big screen. In 2007 the final book was published ending an era and now on November 11 2011 the final movie is set to be released on DVD. What can I say…it’s the end of an era. Harry potter has profoundly impacted the lives of so many and with the final DVD release so close it does feel a bit like the final curtain for Harry Potter. However I have no doubt that the Potter franchise will live on and become the Chronicles of Narnia for our generation. The books and movies are a reflection of great storytelling and in celebration of all things potter here’s a look at a youtube clip from some dedicated fans
Harry Potter: How it should have ended. Enjoy!

LOL, love it:)
So there you have it! The great adventures of the Potter trio has come to an end.
If you missed it at the cinemas or just have to see it again Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 can be placed on hold, but be quick because with everything potter there’s always a great demand

Courtney :)


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