Monday, 10 October 2011

Books To Help You Study

Whether VCE or university, it's that stressful and sleep-depriving time of year again: exam time. Eek! But here's a collection of books at your local library to help you get ahead (and get some more sleep too!).

The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook - Open University Press

Max Your Marks - Rowena Austin

Pass Your Exams - Andrew Holmes

Improve Your Study Skills - Bernice Walmsley

Exam Skills - Kate Brookes

There's lots more study books available - just check out our online catalogue or ask one of us, your local librarians!

I think one important study tip is to find a particular place and time to study. If you get into the habit of studying at the same time and place each night then getting into "study mode" becomes a lot easier.

Does anyone else have a study tip they think helps?

Best of luck!
Rafah :)


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