Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Out for Blood

The novel Out for Blood, written by Alyxandra Harvey, is the third book in the Drake Chronicles. It is classified as a novel for young adults and focuses on the story on Quinn Drake, a vampire, and Hunter Wild, a vampire hunter, as they struggle to protect their families and friends from the Hel-Blars whilst trying to deny their attraction to each other. In this novel you experience the story from the point of view of both Quinn and Hunter and witness how their attraction to each other begin to grow in the midst of all the danger and schemes surrounding them. While the novel is a romance it is also full of a lot of action that will keep you entertained.
I found this novel very interesting and it has now become one of my favourite novels to read. This novel is unique to other novels I've read because the female lead is not weak and dependent on the male to protect her. Rather she is head strong and very capable in defending herself and her loved ones all on her own. This novel is action packed and filled with romance, action and a hint of comedy. A very good read for those who are into vampires and action.

T.N (work experience student)
Endeavour Hills Library


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