Monday, 5 September 2011


IF I STAY by Gayle Forman

This is all too much for a seventeen-year-old girl to have to decide. Why can’t someone else decide this for me? Why can’t I get a death proxy?’

This novel is about choices. The everyday choices we make in our lives, but also the toughest choice 17 year old Mia will ever make.

That morning Mia had it all. A happy family consisting of a rock chic Mum, an ex-punk rocker now teacher Dad and a cute younger brother who made her laugh. She had a boyfriend, a best friend, and her music. Life was hers for the taking.

In an instant it’s all gone. Mia, lying in a coma, must now decide whether to take the easy way out and die. Or fight for her life. But what life?

I must admit I found some of the characters in this novel a bit ‘too idealistic’ yet it poses a very interesting question.

If in one moment you lost your entire family what would you do?

Vicki from Pak


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