Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Angel: The only good Angel is a dead Angel

Alex is an Angel Killer
Willow is part angel
He is sent to kill her…
Instead he saves her.
Now they’re both running for their lives!

Willow has always been odd to those around her; she likes to tinker with cars and is psychic. Yet she never saw what would happen when she read Beth's future; her world is turned inside out.
Alex’s never been liked other boys. From the age of five he’s been trained to kill Angels and kill angels he does until of course he finds one angel unlike any other…Ordered to kill Alex defies all he knows to save the angel with no halo.

In a world where Angels survive by absorbing our life energy (leaving humans for illness, insanity or death) these celestial beings are beyond redemption and its war; Angels vs. Humans and unfortunately the human race is losing. That is until Willow, the half angel who shouldn’t be changes EVERYTHING. Can Willow stops the Angels and save humanity? Can Alex save Willow?

In 2002 Eoin Colfer reinvented the fairy, in 2006 Stephenie Meyer rewrote the vampire genre now L.A. Weatherly is reinventing Angels. No longer beings of light and goodness these Angels are fierce creatures neither of light nor goodness. Poor lifestyle has led to the destruction of their own world that now the Angels invade ours preying upon us to sustain them while destroying the human race. It’s a fantastic new twist to the whole genre that normally associates angels as beings of good.

What I love about Angel was its unpredictablity; I saw none of the plot twists coming. Weatherly's attention to detail both in plot and character devlopment make this 500 page novel easy and thrilling to read; it's worth the time it takes to get to the end. I gurantee Angel is one novel you'll won't feel you've read before. It is a wonderful mix of romance, adventure and action. By the end enough questions are answered to satisfy the reader yet enough are left unanswered to leave the reader wanting more. (Book 2 is due out later this year and book 3 in 2012).

Courtney :)


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