Monday, 18 July 2011

Hate List

The hate list was my idea
It was just a way of venting
I didn’t mean for anyone to die…
Did I?

When Valerie and Nick stated writing their ‘Hate List’ it was a simple means of venting anger but when Nick used that list to pick targets in his shooting rampage on the school cafeteria Val’s life spiralled out of control. What happened that day? What happened to Nick, the boy she loved? And how did she not see the signs? After months in seclusion Val must now face the world, accept the role she played in the tragedy, her lingering feelings for Nick and her relationships with friends, family and enemies. Val is walking the journey between who she thought she was and who she will become.

Hate List is a startling and confronting novel about a tragedy that is fast becoming common place in our society. Brown bravely and faithfully tackles the sensitive subject, presenting all points of views. Despite the title I found that by the end of the novel I ‘hated’ no one. Nick is sympathetic as his plight through bullying at the hands of his classmates is relived through Val’s memories. Val’s guilt ridden journey endears her to the reader and even those kids who earned their spots on the hate list are not portrayed as ‘bad’ but just typical teenagers. Hate list is an honest and faithful account of life as a teenager and is a must read for every teen.

Courtney :)


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