Monday, 4 July 2011

Exile- Rebecca Lim

Mercy is a wandering soul
Wretched from one body to the next
She never remembers anything, until now…

For those of you who haven’t hooked into this fabulous new series by a great Aussie author have a read of Mercy. Mercy is an angel exiled from heaven for a crime she can’t remember, doomed to repeatedly wake in the body of another never remembering the last life she lived. That is Mercy’s fate. All she knows is her beloved Luc and those keeping her from him. But this time something is different. Mercy has woken in the body of Lela Neill, a waitress conflicted over her desires to care for her sick mother and to be a young carefree woman, her memory is no longer evading her and soon she finds herself remembering the mortal boy Ryan, the possible key to her salvation. But who Mercy can trust remains a mystery. Her trust in her beloved Luc is wavering and her confusion about the eight, who condemned her to this fate, is strengthening. Exile reveals more of Mercy’s story as well as a band of colourful and engaging new characters. Best of all Exile ends with a BANG…literally!!!

I LOVED Exile, in fact I think I love this whole series. Lim has taken the supernatural genre to a whole new level with an engaging story, intriguing characters and great storytelling. What’s great about this series is its complete unpredictability. I honestly have no idea who Mercy is (though have twigged to who Luc is) or where this story is going. The ending of Exile had me totally shocked so engaged in the character that I too missed the little hints that were dropped about just what was going to happen. This is a superb novel from a great Aussie writer and one book that is defiantly worth the time to read.

Courtney :)


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