Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Beauty Queens

'Beauty Queens' is a clever and zany novel by American author, Libba Bray.
The story begins when a plane, carrying a group of U.S. teenage beauty queen contestants, crashes into a secluded jungle island.
There are some survivors and these girls scramble to retrieve any objects they can from the crash (shoes, lip gloss, leg wax etc.)
Taylor (Miss Texas) becomes their leader ('y'all come on down and gather round, horseshoe formation!') She is determined that standards must be upheld and attempts to maintain pageant practice each morning.
Meanwhile, the girls are unaware that 'their' island is about to become the location for an illegal weapons trade, and some very dangerous people are already living there.
Then - a further complication - reality TV pirates show up. The pirates happen to be around the same age as the girls.....
There are many things to like about this book. On one level it operates as a parody of reality/TV shows. For instance, witty comments are made about the TV serial, 'Lost', and the novel 'Lord of the Flies.'
There is depth too. The girls begin to develop as individuals and begin to wonder if they needed an island to find themselves.
Happy reading!



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