Monday, 6 June 2011

The Social Network- Facebook is born

'The Social Network:' A story of betrayal on the road to glory.

The knockabout beginnings of Facebook gets a fast-paced spin in the new movie

'The Social Network.'

I can pretty much guarantee anyone reading this review will have a Facebook page. If you’re in the small minority (and I do mean small) that don’t you’ll know someone who does. That is just the reality of Facebook. It’s everywhere with everyone. Debuting in 2003 Facebook is now the largest social networking site worldwide and has made creator Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire at 27. Not bad for a Harvard college dropout. Of course there is more to this story than just the happy ending. As with any amount of success there comes a price to pay.

In ‘The Social Network’ the origins of the Facebook cultural revolution are explored. From the dorm room of a couple of bored college kids to fame and fortune, we delve into a world of girls, money, popularity and ultimate betrayal. The film is superbly shot and while it does take a few liberties with the storyline the general premise is accurate. Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield give stand out performances and Justin, who knew you could act and sing :shrugs: I’m not a Facebook fanatic like some, I mostly use it to chat to friends overseas but still I found myself engrossed in this movie. It’s hard to summarise such an in-depth film but what I will say is it’s an insightful and dramatic look at the creation that has revolutionised they way we communicate. It’s out on DVD now so get into your comfy pyjamas, sit on the couch and be entranced as I was. And of course if you do enjoy, the movie is based upon the book ‘The Accidental billionaire’, if you’d like to have a read.

Courtney :)


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