Thursday, 23 June 2011


Tonight at 9pm JK Rowling announced the arrival of a new website, Pottermore. It will be officially opened in October. The website shall be a virtual Hogwarts, you are given the chance to be your own Harry Potter. You will be sorted into a house and provided with your own special wand. The website displays a video of JK Rowling announcing the website and thanking the Potter fans for being so loyal over all these years. The website also will be selling Harry Potter audio books and e books. To help shape the experience of Pottermore JK says to "simply follow the owl".

As the movie is premiering in 19 days, fans are provided with something to look forward to afterwards . The potterheads community are able to forever revel in the wonders that is the Harry Potter series.

Keep calm and follow the owl.



Nicola.C said...

so cool, its good to know that Harry Potter does'nt just end with the movies and books. thankyou!!:)

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