Friday, 17 June 2011


'Kendra' by Coe Booth is a slice of life in the tough Bronx/Harlem streets of United States. Kendra's mother, Renee, had Kendra when she was fourteen; now Kendra is fourteen herself.

Kendra's relationship with her mother is rocky. Her mother has spent years studying and shows little interest in raising Kendra, so Kendra lives with her Nana.

When Kendra falls for Nashawn, matters come to a head. Kendra seems unable to stop her attraction to Nashawn, though she realises to some degree that the situation is not ideal or fulfilling.

Her Nana packs her off to live with Renee.

Coe Booth is an amazing author. The characters in her books are realistic and streetwise.

'Kendra' has won an award for ALA (American Library Association) best book for young adults.



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