Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mare's War

Grandmother Mare has a 'tetchy' relationship with her two grand-daughters in Mare's War by Tanita Davis. Her grand-daughters are none too happy when they are asked to accompany their stiletto-wearing, sports car driving grandmother on a road trip across America.
But, little by little, Mare tells the two teenagers about her life; of her difficulties living with her mother's boyfriends and of living in virtual poverty.
To escape her circumstances, Mare lies about her age and joins the African American battalion of the Women's Army Corpse in World War Two.
She enters the world of the military, travels overseas and makes some lifelong friends.
Mare's world is brilliantly conveyed: a world where white people hold the reins of power and control.
The differences between Mare's world and the world of her two grand-daughters is stark, and the two girls gain a greater appreciation of the struggles of their grandmother.
This book was awarded a Corretta Scott King Honor Book.



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