Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Insiders

How can I have missed 'The Insiders' by J Minter?

I had so much fun reading this novel: I didn't want it to end. Then I discovered there are additional books in the series, so I started on the sequel.

'The Insiders' centres around a group of very rich teenage boys.

There's Arvo (who looks like a model), the outrageous Mickey, David (the neurotic and talented basketball player), Patch (the laid-back surfer type) and Jonathan (fashion conscious and obsessed with shoes).

They have one rule that they agree on - they must not kiss any girl that anyone else in the group likes. Then they repeatedly break this rule.

Events lurch from wild scene to another. In the opening chapter, the gang are at a party at Patch's house. Cool Patch is nowhere to be seen. He hasn't turned up to his own party.

Jonathan ('jittery Jonathan' as he is called behind his back) is forced to escort his 'trailor trash' cousin to the party, then he promply deserts her.

Mickey drives his Vespa to the party, accidently setting fire to a rug in the process. After the fire is extinguished (by dousing it with beer) Mickey partakes in some roof jumping to try and reach his girlfriend, falling and breaking his arm in the process.

Arvo and Dave's girlfriend are doing unmentionable things in the bathroom whilst Dave, unaware, mopes on the couch, drinking beer with a straw.

Hilarious novel that had me laughing aloud on every page.



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