Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Finding Freia Lockhart

'Finding Freia Lockhart' is a contemporary teenage novel by Australian author, Aimee Said.

Freia and Kate are best friends. That is, until Kate starts to hang around the 'B's' - the popular and witty Belinda, Bethanee and Brianna.

When plans are afoot for a school musical, Freia is given a non-acting part - that of assisting with the lighting. And she is to be working with Daniel, who has a reputation for drug-use and was purportedly expelled from his last school.

Freia struggles to find her place. Her parents embarass her and her friendship with Kate is changing. She doesn't feel comfortable around the 'B's' but in many respects wants to be like them.

And almost against her will, she finds herself drawn to Daniel.

Where does Kate fit in?

Readers will be on Kate's side, as she negotiates and weaves her way through teenage life.

Enjoyable reading.



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