Monday, 9 May 2011


Dru’s done listening,
She’s done taking orders.
Dru’s playing by her rules now
And the order can get on board or kiss their svetocha goodbye

For anyone not familar with the Strange Angels series have a read of my review of the first book in the series and join the fun :)

Dru listened to her father till he went zombie and tried to kill her. She listened to the order only to be shot by the traitorous Anna, the woman who betrayed and killed her mother. She listened to Christophe but still lost her best friend to the king of all vampires. So Dru is done listening she’s playing the game by her rules now. It’s Dru’s way or the highway. Dru’s use to the hard life and things are no different at the Schola Prima where she is confined and followed constantly for her own protection. Her best friend is in the hands of her worse enemy and to top it off Christophe is keeping secrets from her. Is Dru really safe and can she trust those around her? What about Graves, Anna and Serjei? What’s a girl to do when rescuing her best friend could also mean signing her own death warrant? And of course Dru is experiencing the changes that come along with blooming into a full svetocha and the emotional baggage she’s been carrying around is finally catching up to her. Defiance see’s Dru re-emerge stronger and tougher than before. As with the first novel Strange Angels, Defiance is an action packed thrill ride that readers won’t be able to put down.

The Strange angels series is unlike any other out there and while aspects may be familiar (there is a love triangle) this is one story you won’t feel you’ve read a thousand times before. Dru as a character is just a confused young girl trying to navigate her way to who she really is; of course it’s a slightly different destination than the rest of us will find ourselves at. But totally an absorbing read. While Jealously may have lacked the action Defiance certainly doesn’t. New characters and revelations are made that will leave readers stunned and hook you into a great series all over again. Defiance defiantly trumps its predecessors and takes reign as the best book in the series. Its climatic ending will have you on the edge of your seat for the final book in the series Reckoning released later this year. Dru Anderson is back and she does so with a BANG!!!

Courtney :)


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