Friday, 29 April 2011

The Lost Island

Primeval: The lost Island by Paul Kearney

The team from the ARC, (Anomaly Research Center) have traveled to the old Guns Island, with a back-up team from some other place. They mainly are going to the Atlantic to discover who killed the trawler in the sea. They find out, and it's a 50 ft long Liopleurodon! So, they arrive at the island, and a raft sinks and they lose half their gear, including weapons. But, what they dread is climbing the 1000 ft mountain, which they do anyway. Meanwhile, a member of the gang has joined the Navy, and when she boards the plane, as soon as they reach Guns Island, they crash, and Jenny is injured, and a man is killed. A Eotyrannus attacks, but Stephen kills it. They all travel together, and attacked by more Eotyrannus, and Farnsworth, a boring man gets killed, and Anita Watts, the signaler, gets her bones crushed. So, they find the old Monks place, and go inside. Stephen and Abby guard, and a Eotyrannus attacks, gets shot, and squashes Stephen, and breaks his ribs. The others save him, but they couldn't save Bristow, the...I have no idea what he does. Anyway, they escape the lizards, only to find themselves in a stuffy room. They open a door, and an anomaly awaits them. Cutter gives them a choice:Go through the anomaly, suffocate or get eaten alive. They choose go through, only to find more danger.
Who will get killed next? Will they get out alive?

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Name: Moonlar
Age: 11


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