Tuesday, 22 March 2011

When the Hipchicks went to War

'When the Hipchicks went to War' is a terrific novel by Pamela Rushby. Sixteen year old Kathleen is about to begin the adventure of her life. She packs a suitcase full of satin bikinis trimmed with fringes, a pair of knee-high white boots, mini-dresses, a platinimum blonde wig and false eyelashes. And off she goes-to the Vietnam War.

Kathleen is part of a singing and dancing trio who entertain soldiers. She is a strong though naive teenager whose innocence is soon tested, and she discovers the realities of war.

This is the 1960's and the culture of the era is beautifully conveyed through fashions and music.

Political views of the time are also explored as the Vietnam protest movement takes heed.



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