Tuesday, 8 March 2011


THIS IS SHYNESS - by Leanne Hall

Imagine a place where the sun never rises. A place where darkness rules.

Imagine a boy that howls - and a girl that wants to forget.

This is the story of one night, the story of Wolfboy, Jethro and Wildgirl, Nia. For this night he will be her guide, show her this place he lives in, this world he knows. For one night she can see Shyness as it truly is.

A place of eternal night, where the sugar crazed Kidds roam freely and where The Dreamers dream to escape.

Together Wolfboy and Wildgirl face their own truths as they venture into the night.

A great book that shows how people adapt to circumstances – and if they can’t – how they desperately try to escape from them.

Vicki from Pak


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