Monday, 28 March 2011


On her seventeenth birthday,

Cassia meets her match,

Society dictates he is her perfect partner for life.


Cassia Reyes’ world is designed to ensure that everyone will live the ideal life. From what they eat, to where they work, even who they marry and when they die, it is all decided by ‘Society’; whose only purpose is to establish the perfect utopian world. For Cassia ‘Society’ knows best and she never questions the decisions they make for her. That is until ‘Society’ makes a mistake. On her seventeenth birthday Cassia receives her match, the man she is destined to marry and be eternally happy with. The only problem is Cassia doesn’t just have one match…she has two! Her childhood best friend and the boy from the outside of society. She’s told it’s a mistake but yet Cassia can’t help but wonder…Soon enough she’s wondering about a lot of things, what’s real in her life when everything about her life is dictated by ‘Society’? Who is she meant to be with? The boy she’s known her whole life and loves or the boy from the outside who teaches her to write and think for herself? Just who is her real MATCH!

Matched is unique in its setting of a utopian world. Condie explores a world entirely inconceivable to most and yet does so well that we can imagine that this kind of world may exist one day. The novel is a bit slow but this may be due to the fact it’s the first in the trilogy and so the characters are just being established. What I did love about this novel was the fact that Cassia didn’t take on the traditional role of damsel in distress, wailing about which perfect guy to choose. It is a love story but not in the traditional romance style. Condie takes her time building the characters up and allowing them to discover one another before discovering their love. If nothing else Matched is a great thought provoking novel on the choices and freedoms we have in life. Next time your parents do something unfair pick up Matched and I guarantee you won’t feel so hard done by at by the time you finish the novel.

Courtney :)


Anonymous said...

looks interesting, when is it in the library at cranbourne???

Casey Cardinia Library Corporation said...

If you press on the title Matched half way through the will lead you to a link to our Library catalogue. You can then reserve a copy of the book. Cen

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