Tuesday, 22 February 2011


In 'Six Impossible Things', fourteen year old Dan Cereill (pronounced 'surreal', not 'cereal') is a likeable though awkward teenager.

His life has been turned upside-down when his parents separate, and he has to attend a new school and make new friendships.

The outlook for Dan does not appear promising. For starters, he is the victim of classroom and schoolyard bullying. Also, he is rather squeamish and prone to fainting, a situation which delights his class mates.

Another difficulty is the family finances. Dan and his mother both search for jobs in an effort to improve their situation. Dan gets a job in a locl op-shop, and then discovers it is a volunteer position and unpaid. His mother starts up a wedding cake business (I do wedding cakes, may I help you?) but mainly scares potential customers off by acting as an unlikely wedding counsellor.

See if they can turn their lives around in this warm-hearted novel for teenagers. Recommended reading.



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