Friday, 11 February 2011


A series by Kate Brian

Reed Brennan struggles to fit in at her new school Easton Academy. Being the only girl without designer brand clothes and endless money to spend Reed feels miles behind her class mates. However, when she is accepted by the most envied house in the school (Billings House), she finally starts to feel at home.

But is being accepted at Billings really as good as it seems?

During Reed’s time at Easton she is confronted with the murders of two of her friends; both cases leaving Reed in the circle of suspects. But every culprit leaves clues behind and as Reed discovers them she finds herself privy to the biggest secrets at Easton; who the real murderers are.

What she didn’t want to find out was that she was the real target.

A compelling romance/mystery series which I would recommend for everyone to add to their book list.



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