Thursday, 3 February 2011


By Margrete Lamond

Victor Frankenstein was young and inquisitive when he left home to study science, he loved to learn and soon became consumed with a goal to create human life. After months of grave robbing Frankenstein slowly pieces together his experiment. Each body part was chosen specifically so that his project was the smartest, strongest and with the heart of a priest, most compassionate.

However on the night his creation comes to life, Frankenstein’s world is turned upside down. Disgusted by his beast, Frankenstein abandons the horror he has made and it is kept a secret from the rest of the world. His love for science is lost.

The creature, however, struggles to survive. Upon seeing his refection the creature decides to remain hidden from the world so that others are not terrified by his looks. Secretly he desires to be accepted and loved and finally finds solace in observing one family’s life.

After continually being rejected the creature seeks out Frankenstein the inventor, to demand an explanation for his existence. He begs the inventor to return to his profession and create another life, so that he can finally be accepted and happy. When refused the monster casts an ever present shadow on Frankenstein’s life, destroying everything Frankenstein has ever loved. He subjects the inventor to a life of misery. Until, Frankenstein’s only goal left in life is to destroy his unwanted experiment.



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