Thursday, 27 January 2011


By Kate Brian

Lila Beckwith has the perfect life. She has the looks, the body the popular group of friends, the perfect boyfriend and is about to throw the party of the year.

There’s only one thing in her life that isn’t perfect and that’s her 8 year old brother Cooper.

First he tells her parents about the party. Lila is forced to cancel it- putting her perfect social image at risk, is grounded and better still her parents now refuse to buy her a car which she was promised.

Secondly Cooper and his friend Tyler take off on a cross country adventure. Lila now has to work with Tyler’s brother Beau to find the boys and bring them home before their parents find out.
And thirdly Beau is Lila’s ex boyfriend. He has an obvious lack of fashion sense, hosts an ‘I hate the world attitude’ and thinks that Lila is fake and self absorbed. And she’s stuck in the car with him for two days straight. Could things get any worse?

Full of fun and mischief Ex-mas is a great read for anyone who loves teen romance stories.



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