Monday, 17 January 2011

Bad Boy + Good Girl = Perfect Chemistry

What happens when your heart refuses to listen?
What happens when your head refuses to conform?
What happens when you challenge everything you’ve been told you are?
Alex Fuentes and Brittany Ellis are about to find out!

Ask Alex Fuentes who Brittany Ellis is and he’ll tell you she’s a blonde, stuck up rich kid. Brittany Ellis would tell you that Alex Fuentes is a gang banger and drug dealer with no hope. But when paired up for chemistry class these two are about to find out how wrong they are. Brittany has a sick sister and a complex with being ‘Perfect’. Alex is the man of the house,jumped into the ‘Latino Blood’ to protect his family and trying to stay as clean as is possible while in a gang. It doesn’t take them long to realize that the other is not what they expected. Soon they find themselves impacting one another’s lives in ways they never imagined

A romance tale this Perfect Chemistry is, a modern day Romeo and Juliet, but Elkeles takes the story one step further by exploring the pressure that teens feel to fit into their ‘roles’ deemed for them by society and the ‘roles’ they want to play for themselves. The story takes a while to get going and I’ll admit the characters in the beginning appear one dimensional but give this book a shot and you’ll find a beautifully written tale about a boy and girl falling in love and discovering who they are.

Next in the series is Rules of Attraction and if you fell in love with Alex just wait until you meet his brother Carlos. Check out the trailer for Rules of Attraction below.

Courtney :)


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