Monday, 22 November 2010

Girl saves Boy

Life is Simple,
It’s just not easy

The first time I met Jewel Valentine, she saved my life!

They say when you save a life that life is yours to protect. Such is the case for Jewel Valentine when, on her first night home afters ten years away, she saves Sacha Thomas from drowning. And there starts the story of how one girl saved a boy’s life and changed both their lives.
Jewel Valentine is an introverted loner, possible ‘head case’, who was exiled from her home at the age of 8 after her brother’s drowning and her father’s explosive departure. Returning only after the death of both her grandparents, Jewel is forced back to the mother who abandoned her and moved on with her life.
Sacha Thomas has a whole world of problems on his plate. His leukaemia is back, after years in remission, his mother is dead and his father has fallen in love with his Art teacher (twist). Life throws Sacha another curve ball in the form of Jewel Valentine who he meets the night she pulls him out the lake. Now that Girl has saved Boy, life is given new meaning to both of them. It’s heartbreaking, funny (lobster liberation takes place) and genuinely moving. More than just a love story Bowe, as a sixteen year old herself, delves into the realities of a typical teenage aussie with extraordinary circumstances. It’s about, life, love, family and just what we should do with it while we have it.
Girl saves Boy is one book not to be left on the shelve.

Courtney :)


Rafah said...

I think I've found something to read for the holidays!

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