Thursday, 25 November 2010

90 Packets of Instant Noodles

'90 Packets of Instant Noodles' is a gritty teenage novel written by Deb Fitzpatrick.
Joel has little to eat but instant noodles, for 90 days, in a remote shack in Western Australia. This is his punishment and his father's idea of 'family justice' after Joel steps over the line. No phone, no music, no distractions. Meanwhile, his mate, Craggs, who is also his partner in crime, is languishing in a juvenile detention centre. But, as time passes, one of the teenagers begins to change, whilst the other becomes more hardened to a life of crime. At the end of his sentence, Craggs arrives on Joel's doorstep, and all hell breaks loose.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Doctor Who: Series 5 Now Available!!

Writer and producer, Steven Moffat, (co-creator of 'Sherlock' tv series 2010) has taken a hold of the reins with the new Doctor Who series and doesn't disappoint!

Doctor Who: Series 5 sees the introduction of the eleventh doctor, played superbly by Matt Smith (In Bruges, The Shadow in the North, The Ruby in the Smoke), who is joined by Amy Pond, a fiery red-headed Scottish, played by Karen Gillan. This series revolves the elusive crack in the wall that signifies a crack in the universe where "two points in space and time should never have met".

And you don't have to be a long standing fan of Doctor Who to enjoy Series 5 of the latest Doctor Who. Below is the trailer for Series 5. But for David Tennant fans sceptical of the new doctor, I'd strongly recommend giving Smith a go as he certainly proves his worth, particularly at the end of the series which is a spectacular masterpiece that will have you craving for more. Believe me, it is epic!!

This series had me hooked from the very first episode, following the Doctor's cry of "You're scottish! Fry something!" to a young Amy Pond. While the first few minutes begins with the Doctor's new, strange and almost insatiable appetite we also discover the alien crack in the universe in Amy's bedroom wall. It is here that the adventure begins and unfolds into a fantastic sci-fi joyride that keeps you wondering and guessing.

For those of you who have seen it, I'd like to know what you thought about it - without spoiling anything for those yet to see it!

- Rafah

Monday, 22 November 2010

Girl saves Boy

Life is Simple,
It’s just not easy

The first time I met Jewel Valentine, she saved my life!

They say when you save a life that life is yours to protect. Such is the case for Jewel Valentine when, on her first night home afters ten years away, she saves Sacha Thomas from drowning. And there starts the story of how one girl saved a boy’s life and changed both their lives.
Jewel Valentine is an introverted loner, possible ‘head case’, who was exiled from her home at the age of 8 after her brother’s drowning and her father’s explosive departure. Returning only after the death of both her grandparents, Jewel is forced back to the mother who abandoned her and moved on with her life.
Sacha Thomas has a whole world of problems on his plate. His leukaemia is back, after years in remission, his mother is dead and his father has fallen in love with his Art teacher (twist). Life throws Sacha another curve ball in the form of Jewel Valentine who he meets the night she pulls him out the lake. Now that Girl has saved Boy, life is given new meaning to both of them. It’s heartbreaking, funny (lobster liberation takes place) and genuinely moving. More than just a love story Bowe, as a sixteen year old herself, delves into the realities of a typical teenage aussie with extraordinary circumstances. It’s about, life, love, family and just what we should do with it while we have it.
Girl saves Boy is one book not to be left on the shelve.

Courtney :)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Archie Thompson visits Hallam

Casey Cardinia Library Corporation was pleased to host Archie Thompson for a series of talks at Hallam Senior Secondary College on Tuesday 16 November 2010. Archie Thompson, ten-year veteran of the Socceroos and marquee player for the A-League's power club, Melbourne Victory, has just released his inspirational book What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger.

In the afternoon session Archie spoke to 120 enthusiastic students from Hallam Senior Secondary College and Fountain Gate Secondary College. Opening to chants of ARCHIE! ARCHIE! ARCHIE! Archie shared everything from playing Football (Soccer) as a child and the pressure to achieve, the importance of discipline and training, and his battle to overcome a major injury and return to playing after 9 months of rehab. Archie provided a rare insight into the life and career of an elite sportsperson and his journey to the A League . Archie spent time talking to the students, signing copies of his book and having photos taken. Students from Hallam Senior Secondary Colleges Soccer Academy were inspired and encouraged by a great of the game.

In an evening session Archie spoke to families, many clad in Melbourne Victory jersey’s, and answered questions from children and their parents about his career, his family and playing for both local, National and international Clubs. He shared anecdotes of his Victory and Socceroos teammates and his role as a mentor to younger players in the game. Archie gave his time for photos, signings and talking to his fans.

Thanks to Melbourne University Publishers – Victory Books for providing Archie to the Casey Cardinia Library Corporation as part of his Book promotion, and Collins Booksellers who sold books at the event.

Here's some great photos of the night.

Archie with young fans Micah, Jack and Adam

Archie and Martin, a student at Hallam Senior Secondary College’s Soccer Academy

Archie with Library staff

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Archie Thompson

Archie Thompson, ten-year veteran of the Socceroos and marquee player for the A-League's power club, Melbourne Victory, has just released his inspirational book What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Archie shares everything from the importance of discipline and loyalty, how to build confidence, where to find guidance on the road to the top, the love of the game and explains how the drive to become the best is found within.

Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation is proud to host this stellar player in a special event where you can listen to Archie speak, buy his new book and get it personally signed.

This event is FREE but bookings are essential!

Tuesday 16 November 7pm
Hallam Theatre - Hallam Senior College.
Frawley Road, Hallam, Vic 3803

For Bookings go to

Friday, 5 November 2010


'The Beginner's Guide to Living' is Lia Hill's debut novel. Seventeen year old Will has just lost his mother, and the story begins with Will inspecting her corpse. Then, we move on to the funeral - where he meets great Auntie Joy and Aunty Faith for the first time. He later has a strange dream where the Aunts both stand around a cauldron wearing black tee shirts with 'Joy' and 'Faith' written on them.

Will feels isolated from his father and brother. Exams are looming, too. Then he meets Taryn, who he finds himself attracted to. Will this complicate his life further?

Will discovers of an old camera which belonged to his mother. The camera becomes a means of documenting his experiences and making some sense of his life.

A smart novel about loss, friendship and moving on.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Arrival

A Picture is worth a thousand words…
The Arrival by Australian artist Shaun Tan is a beautifully illustrated, wordless story that depicts the experience of an immigrant. The story begins with a man leaving his wife and child behind, hoping that his destination promises a better life for them. Carrying just a suitcase and a handful of money, he eventually finds himself in a puzzling city of unfamiliar customs, strange animals, and behind a barrier of unintelligible language. It is here that the immigrant must find a place to live, food to eat and employment, so he might send for the rest of his family. He is helped along the way by strangers, each with their own stories of struggle and survival.
Each time you see Shaun Tan’s work, the more detail emerges from the illustrations. He has created weird and wonderful cities, amazing creatures, and intricate and beautiful images which literally speak a thousand words...

Rachel @ DOV

Wii @ Hampton Park

The Wii has arrived @ Hampton Park! With a range of games you can have a round of golf or a game of Tennis(see below0 with ‘Wii sports’. Test you twilight knowledge in ‘Twilight-scene it’ or go to the Carnival and play some games (Carnival Games). Otherwise you can go classic and delve into the world of Super Mario Bros with Mario and Lugi. Games can be booked for an hour a day and depending on the game you choose you have up to four players at once (each player must have their own card to book on). So come on in, choose a game and have some fun.

Courtney :)

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