Monday, 11 October 2010

Strange Angels

"Dad? Zombie.
Mum? Long gone.
Me? Well, that’s the scary part."

Dru Anderson is ‘Strange’, she exists in two separate worlds. The first is your very own: Dru gets up, goes to school, comes homes and lives the life most young girls do. Or so it might appear. The second world is what Dru refers to as the ‘Real world’ where the things that go bump in the night really do bump you in the night. For as long as she can remember Dru has hunted these creatures with her father. But now the tables have turned, Dad’s gone and the Real world is coming for her….but don’t worry Dru won’t go down without a fight, Dru’s about to discover the truth about the ‘real world’ and herself.
Strange Angels is a spellbinding fast paced novel that will hook you from beginning to end. Taking a different approach to the vampire/werewolf genre, this time the vampires are Nosferatut, the Werewolf’s are Wulfren and Dreamstealers, Djamphir’s and Svetocha’s are also added to the mix. Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy series) calls it ‘dark, dangerous and sexy! Dru is a new kind of heroine whose story you won’t be able to put down.’ And once you make it to the end of Strange Angels, Betrayals and Jealously follow up the series in spectacular fashion.
The series is a must read.

Courtney :)


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