Thursday, 21 October 2010

HALO: It's Heaven vs Hell

“She had the face of an angel
I saw mirrors in her eyes
We were one and the same, she I
Both bound by potent lies.”

Venus Cove is a place where things are happening…bad things and Bethany, with her ‘brother and sister’, have been sent to stop it. Bethany is an Angel on a mission to restore goodwill to the people of Venus Cove. Bethany’s domain is the high school where she tries her best to fit in and despite her clear naiveté about all things ‘teenage’ she soon makes friends with the vibrant Molly and the perfect school captain Xavier has caught her eye, and vice versa. Before long Bethany is caught up in a chaste relationship with Xavier, to whom she reveals her identity, while also fending off the temptation that is Jake Thorn…possible demon. All the while the bad things continue to wreak havoc on the lives of Venus Cove, with Bethany feeling helpless to stop it. But soon enough heaven and hell will meet and the battle will begin.
Any paranormal romance lovers will delight in this novel. Adornetto has a way with words drawing you into a vividly real world you won’t want to leave. It’s Twilight with Angels. Halo is one to defiantly put on you ‘Must Read’ list.

Courtney :)


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