Wednesday, 8 September 2010


'What now, Tilda B? 'is the latest novel by Australian author, Kathryn Lomer. The setting for this novel is Dover, Tasmania, and we gain a wonderful feel for the beach, the sea, the wind and the sand!
Fifteen year old Tilda is at a crossroads in her life. She is yet to make decisions about her future, and instead spends time wagging school with her surfer boyfriend.
Then, one day, Tilda makes a discovery whilst walking along the beach. A female elephant seal has landed on the shore. Within hours, the seal gives birth.
People descend on the beach and the rural coastal town becomes a site of conflict as environmentalists and more conservative members of the community clash.
Tilda meets a whole new range of people and her eyes are opened to a world beyond her experience.
'What now, Tilda B?' is based on a true event.
Tilda is a likeable teenager and I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.


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