Tuesday, 28 September 2010


'Graffiti Moon' is Cath Crowley's latest teenage novel.

The action centres around Lucy. Lucy is searching for a person she has not yet met but believes is her soul-mate - an anonymous graffiti artist called 'the Shadow.'

However, beside her in real life, is Ed. Lucy and Ed share an unfortunate past where their first date turned to disaster after Ed touched Lucy on the backside, and she, in turn, punched him on the nose.

Unbeknown to Lucy, but known to the reader, Ed is, in fact, the 'Shadow.'

When Lucy suggests an evening searching for Shadow, Ed says to his friend Leo 'We're not spending the night looking for ourselves. It's a complete waste of time.'

'No, it's fun,' says Leo.

Read this enjoyable, often hilarious novel to find out what happens next.



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