Tuesday, 28 September 2010


'Graffiti Moon' is Cath Crowley's latest teenage novel.

The action centres around Lucy. Lucy is searching for a person she has not yet met but believes is her soul-mate - an anonymous graffiti artist called 'the Shadow.'

However, beside her in real life, is Ed. Lucy and Ed share an unfortunate past where their first date turned to disaster after Ed touched Lucy on the backside, and she, in turn, punched him on the nose.

Unbeknown to Lucy, but known to the reader, Ed is, in fact, the 'Shadow.'

When Lucy suggests an evening searching for Shadow, Ed says to his friend Leo 'We're not spending the night looking for ourselves. It's a complete waste of time.'

'No, it's fun,' says Leo.

Read this enjoyable, often hilarious novel to find out what happens next.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Michael Grant and his wife, Katherine Applegate, have been writing for young adults for roughly two decades. Their story ideas have always been consistently clever and original. However, their strongest point by far is the ability to create a diverse range of characters who stay believable no matter how insane and unbelievable the world around them becomes. This allows the reader to easily slip into the shoes of any given character and become more engrossed by the simple question, "what if it was me?"

In the case of Michael Grant's Gone, a mysterious impenetrable barrier surrounds a small coastal town in the US, and anybody over the age of 15 simply vanishes into thin air. A heavy burden of responsibility falls on the oldest kids to try and impose some order over the chaos that follows while they try to understand how this could have happened. Meanwhile, some of the kids are developing weird powers, and a war is brewing between the local kids and the students of a nearby academy for the wealthy and troubled.
Still, the biggest question for Sam Temple is, what will happen to him when his fifteenth birthday arrives?

Described by some as Lord of the Flies meets The X-Men, this book is very difficult to put down as the tension continues to rise and just enough of your questions are answered to keep you guessing and telling yourself, "one more chapter then I go to sleep." Although, who knows? Maybe you'd have a stronger sense of willpower than I do.

Stephen King loved it, I loved it, what more do you want? Go read this!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010


'What now, Tilda B? 'is the latest novel by Australian author, Kathryn Lomer. The setting for this novel is Dover, Tasmania, and we gain a wonderful feel for the beach, the sea, the wind and the sand!
Fifteen year old Tilda is at a crossroads in her life. She is yet to make decisions about her future, and instead spends time wagging school with her surfer boyfriend.
Then, one day, Tilda makes a discovery whilst walking along the beach. A female elephant seal has landed on the shore. Within hours, the seal gives birth.
People descend on the beach and the rural coastal town becomes a site of conflict as environmentalists and more conservative members of the community clash.
Tilda meets a whole new range of people and her eyes are opened to a world beyond her experience.
'What now, Tilda B?' is based on a true event.
Tilda is a likeable teenager and I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

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