Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Underneath

I would like to recommend a book called 'The Underneath' by Kathi Appelt to readers. Copies of this book can be found in the junior section of libraries and bookstores, but don't let this put you off. Like many timeless classics you can read this book as a child, a teenager or an adult and still be enthralled.

Kathi is a beautiful writer and storyteller, slowly drawing you in to the story, sometimes moving back and repeating words, taking her time. It is a style that is incredibly powerful and mesmerizing.

Chapters are often short, sometimes only a page or two. But Kathi brings every word and every sentence to life.

The book begins with a small abandoned calico cat walking in an old and forgotten forest. She hears the sound of a dog singing the blues and follows the song. Even though the dog and cat are natural enemies, they team up.

The dog, however, is kept on a chain and his owner is cruel and ruthless.

Meanwhile, an old and vengeful creature has been buried in a jar deep beneath the ground.

'Sssssoooooon' she whispers 'my time will come.'

And there is the Alligator King, a hundred foot master of disguise who has lived in the marsh for centuries.

Even the trees hold their secrets and become almost human in this part-myth, part-magical world.

This book has won a heap of awards, such as National Book Award Finalist (USA), Newbury Honor Book, ALA Notable Book...and so on.

Reserve your copy now!



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