Sunday, 20 June 2010

How to Be Cool: The handbook for the ultimate hipster!

Do you know how to deflect a black hole? Prepare dinner on a car engine? Create a speaker monster? Or twirl a drumstuck? No? Well neither do I. But according to How to Be Cool by Frances Reade, knowing these things will help you become cool!

Now I'm quite comfortable in saying that I am not cool. And no, I didn't pick up this book because I was looking for a self-help book on how to be cool despite what some of my friends think. However, this book is seriously cool. It's full of random and awesome things to do and know, all explained with the aid of colourful graphic images, rather than long paragraphs of instructions.

Pick it up, cool or not, this book is an awesome source of crazy ideas and things to know.

- Rafah


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