Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A different sort of Vampire

The reformed Vampire support group by Catherine Jinks

I was looking for something a bit different after Twilight, and thought this might be it. Vampires, slayers, werewolves, the ingredients were all there.

Unfortunately it didn’t live up to its potential. My vampires don’t have to be all powerful with super human strength or brooding, or sparkly, but this lot just got on my nerves. Every other sentence was a whine about how weak and sickly they were, the supplements they have to take, how lethargic they always are. Plus they breed guinea pigs as food.

The slayer turns out to be a comic book tragic and the hunky werewolf, well he is hunky, but it’s just not enough. I think its meant to be 'tongue in cheek', but it just didn't work for me.

So if you consider your time as too precious to waste, do yourself a favour and give this one a miss



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