Monday, 3 May 2010


'Swerve' is the latest novel by Phillip Gwynne. I have long been a fan of Gwynne's novels. Who can forget the football coach, nicknamed 'Arks', in 'Deadly Unna'?

'If I've arksed youse boys once, I've arksed youse a thousand times...don't buggerize with the bloody ball on them flanks...'

'Swerve' takes the form of a road trip. At the centre of the action is Hugh, a privileged teenage nerd (though he considers himself more of a 'ner' or an 'erd' as he loves cars and car-racing).

Hugh has led a narrow and ordered existence, and is all set for an audition for a music scholarship at the Conservatorium. Then he is somehow co-erced into driving his grandfather to Uluru in a 1969 Holden HT Monaro.

Hugh's grandfather is unconventional and in many respects is the opposite of Hugh and his parents.

Colourful characters begin to enter their lives, such as Les the hitchhiker and his dog (also called Les).

And Bella, also hitchhiking, who said she was, like, seventeen, but to Hugh was more, like, fifteen.

They encounter their share of danger, too, when menacing figures cross their paths.

Read 'Swerve' for a thoroughly entertaining and bumpy ride through the Australian outback.



book publishers said...

Swerve is a great book, recommended vacation reading on the beach.

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