Friday, 28 May 2010


Imagine being drugged and abducted. Imagine being taken away from all you know. Imagine being stolen.

Stolen by Lucy Christopher is a novel that is as scary as it is gripping. 16 year old Gemma is drugged and taken from her family, wakes to the heat and dust of nowhere. She soon discovers she is being held captive in Australia by Ty. He has claimed this land in the desert and built his home, the home he wants to share with Gemma.

This novel is written as a letter from Gemma to Ty. It tells her story from that first moment ‘You saw me before I saw you’, through the ordeals of her attempted escapes to the realization she is slowly learning to care for her damaged captor.

A wonderful read that I thoroughly recommend. Leaves me with a shudder and wondering what exactly is love all about.


Hi Vicki,

Lucy is visiting Australia next year so I'm hoping to book her for a talk at the Library. Check out the YouTube clip below. Author Andrew McDonald interviews Lucy.


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