Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Ant Colony

'The Ant Colony' is the latest intriguing novel by Jenny Valentine.

Teenage Sam has a past, and it is clear that he running away from something. But we don't know what and the reader is kept guessing as bit by bit we discover clues and attempt to piece them together.

Sam moves into a house in the city and reluctantly meets the new characters in his new house. They are a mixture of eccentric characters of all different ages. In the middle of the novel they all come together for a house meeting, which is greatly entertaining reading.

There is single mother, Cherry, and her ten year old daughter, Bohemia, who both are descended from Romany gypsies. Then there is Steve, the landlord, who resembles a lizard. And the elderly Isobel who lives on the ground floor with her dog and knows everybody's business. And lastly, Mick who lives in the attic and starts to become interested in Cherry.

In a way the characters run around like ants, and it isn't until the end of the novel that they unite and we discover Sam's devastating secret.



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