Monday, 1 March 2010

The Spirit

Not quite human, not quite dead, Denny Colt assumes the duty of Central City’s masked superhero, known as The Spirit. Killed while on cop duty, Colt's return from the dead is a mystery, even to himself.

The movie, adapted from Will Eisner's The Spirit, revolves around The Spirit's attempt to stop his evil nemesis, The Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson) from obtaining a chest, which contains the secret to immortality. Sand Serif (Eva Mendes), the Spirit’s childhood sweetheart and jewellery thief is also in on the treasure hunt fuelled by her obsession with shiny objects. In between battling the bad guys, The Spirit also manages to find time to seduce the women around him.

This movie is just like a comic book come to life with great visual graphics, voice-overs and wisecrack remarks. I was expecting a serious, violent and possibly gruesome movie but I found the movie to be quite humorous amidst the action and its stylised action meant that the only blood I saw were objects coloured in red. I even enjoyed the stereotypical characters although Samuel L. Jackson was my favourite actor, managing to perfectly pull off a very weird and insane evil guy. This movie has been heavily criticised but I really enjoyed it.

Oh and just a word of warning for viewers that there is some nudity.



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