Monday, 22 March 2010

The piper's son

The piper’s son
Melina Marchetta

This is Melina at her best; gut wrenching and powerful. I read it in one day, the whole 328 pages of it. I could not put it down.

The story centers on Tom Mackee, one of the group of friends, from Saving Francesca. (It’s not necessary to have read this, but its well worth it) His uncle has died, his mother has moved to Brisbane with his sister, his Dad’s on a bender and disappeared, he’s dropped out of Uni: everything in his life is broken.

While high on drugs, mucking around, he falls from a table and splits his head open. Going home after getting out of the hospital, he finds all his stuff dumped on the front lawn – his flat-mates have chucked him out.

And so he finds himself at the mercy of Francesca, whom he has had nothing do with for the 2 years since his world fell apart.

Melina explores grief and how destructive and alienating it can, and the redemption that can be found through true friends, forgiveness and love. I’ve made it sound a bit soppy, but its not.



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